Roberts Limbrick - Architects

We were not making the most of our on-line presence through social media.  After only a month we can see that our introduction to HeXX has been hugely beneficial, largely through their care and attention to firstly taking time to understand our business before using this knowledge to tailor our requirements accordingly.  Their professional approach to amending our existing profiles as well as creating new accounts which they additionally manage on our behalf has allowed us to concentrate on our core business.  The quality of their work and in particular the representation of the images we have provided leaves us in no doubt that HeXX are totally focussed in professionally raising our profile.  Pete and Steve are a pleasure to work with and the personal service provided by them is very refreshing.

Elizabeth Thompson

Finance Director 


The Corner House - Stroud

As a new business just under a year ago, I was aware of how important it would be to have a credible social media presence through which I would be able to showcase all that we had to offer for diners at The Corner House.  

I started to run this myself but when Pete introduced himself to me I was intrigued at how he and Steve would make a significant difference as indicated through their presentation.  In short, the change has been transformational – I have an amazing Instagram presence that is admired and commented on by many, which is making a tangible difference to my business.  HeXX are reassuringly professional in all aspects of their work and I am particularly impressed by the manner in which all of the images are edited to ‘stand out and be noticed’ which really sets them apart.  

I have developed a routine for collecting and sending through relevant pictures and literally leave the rest to HeXX.  It is a great formula that really works for me.  I have recommended Pete and Steve to other businesses and will continue to do so!

Antonio Matarazzo 

Business Owner


The Bell at Sapperton - Gastro Pub

As a business we are only too aware of the importance of having a healthy social media presence and the commercial opportunities that this will bring,  As such we have spent considerable time and effort both developing and managing the various platforms to portray The Bell and all we have to offer, in the best possible light.  The challenge for us has been being able to devote the time required to maintain the standards that we set ourselves both in terms of the regularity of posting and maintaining a consistently high quality of content.  The introduction of HeXX to our business has already lifted the burden from our shoulders and it is clear from the continuity and quality of the images together with the regularity of posting that this is just what we needed to take our on-line presence to the next level.  They have taken time to understand our requirements and we very much look forward to our continued collaboration.

Chris Wright

Operations Manager


Platinum Alloys - Swindon

We had a problem which needed solving and this was our on-line social media presence.

I met Pete through a very good friend of mine and it couldn’t have been at a better time because we were searching for a company to look after this part of the business for us.

After speaking with Pete, I could tell he knew his stuff and gave me lots of confidence in what he and Steve (his Business partner) did.

It was quite simple, all we had to do was send in lots of different photos of what we do in the business and a brief explanation, then they would do the rest.

Pete is a straight up, honest guy who I completely trust. There is no hard sell or contract just their honest view on what their company could do for us.

We have now doubled the amount of people following us on all the different sectors of social media which HeXX OPS look after, I found the experience to be effortless and cannot recommend them enough if you need to enhance or improve your social media presence.

Scott Jones

Managing Director


The Salon -  Nailsworth

I have always been keen to use social media to promote the range of services offered by The Salon although I did not fully appreciate just how to use it to best effect.  Inviting HeXX to help me both reach a wider audience and improve the quality of the material that is now being posted for my business is proving to be a great success.  I now benefit from regular posting across 4 social media platforms and the way in which my photographs are being edited and portrayed is really professional.  I am also very pleased with the manner in which Pete and Steve work with us by promoting and being receptive to exchanges of ideas that genuinely make me feel that they are working to help make my business more successful.

Alison Manley

Business Owner