During periods of extended employment in the public and private sectors, Pete's career to date has focused on the collection, analysis and dissemination of information and intelligence to directly benefit business goals and objectives.

He has a wealth of strategic and tactical experience in this area, which he is now using to optimise cross-sector clients' on-line presence through understanding and innovation.



The strengths that Steve brings to HeXX emanate from a comprehensive understanding of the many facets of social media and the associated trend identification and analysis.

His awareness and interpretation of all current platforms puts HeXX at the forefront of the ever changing on-line environment to the direct benefit of our clients.



Karina has been immersed in the world of social media for a number of  years, managing many accounts spanning all of the major platforms. To date she has worked largely within the superyacht industry. Executing social media strategies through competitive research, benchmarking, and audience identification.  She is passionate about continuous interaction and by  analysing  appropriate social media data/metrics, insights and best practices, she is able to  best act for each client.